BYO, Prams, Wheelchair, Takeaway

Dear visitor,

The Little Hungarian restaurant is fully licensed, but allows Wine only for BYO. Please refer to the drinks menus on the tables, or the special boards, or just ask our waiting staff for our full beer/wine spirit menu. Please note that we do charge corkage ($6 per open bottle) if you decide to bring your own wine, we provide the glasses and ice bucket if necessary, and we open and pour the wine for you, just like the ones you bought from us.
If you are organizing a birthday party, you can bring your own cake. We do not charge per person, but we charge per cake brought in (also $6). For the duration of your dinner we keep the cake in the coolroom, we dress it with candles  if necessary and serve it upon request. If you have any further questions about BYO, please dont hesitate to give us a ring ((03) 9523 6032) or send us an email to: .
Please note that our restaurant is very little, so we can not allow prams at the inside tables. We would not want to offend anyone, but a pram simply wont fit between the tables. If you have a bassinet, and it fits at the table, you are most welcome to bring that in. If the baby is old enough for a high chair, we are happy to provide it at the table. Please note that we only have 2 high chairs available.
If you require assistance with your wheelchair, please make sure you ring us before your arrival. Since we have a step, you will need our waiting staff's assistance to enter the restaurant, they are trained and happy to assist you hassle free with it, just please make sure you notify us before your arrival.
If you like to place your booking via SMS, please send your message to 0414280737 with the following details :
Name for the booking:
Time of the booking:
Number of guests:
Contact number: (if it differs from the one you send the message from)
Please make sure you receive a confirmation sms about the booking. WE DO NOT TAKE SMS BOOKING FOR THE SAME DAY AFTER 5PM!
If you order takeaway please make sure you eat the food within 24 hours of purchase! We never freeze food, everything is made fresh so if you decide to put it away for later, make sure you let us know over the phone, or if you order in person let the waiters know, in this case we cool your food, and give you instructions of reheating, and provide a use by date. We do not take responsibility for any incidents occurred if you do not follow the instructions, also please note that we do not take responsibility for takeaway doggy-bags outside the restaurant (If you could not finish your food we provide containers to take it home to your pets).